Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Finishing Things

I know I've been a bad blogger of late but I decided that I'd better complete the book that I began at the "Gatherings" retreat that I went to in July, plus my girls arrived back from their trip to Europe so I've been up to my eyes in washing! The house is messy again and they are back to leaving their possesions all over the place but I'ts good to have them back (I think!!).
Anyway the book is done...see what you think. 

                                                                      Front Cover

 First Page

Second Page( has three little doors)

first door

second door open & closed

                                                                              Third door

                                                                        Page Three

Page Four(inside back cover)

                   The binding was done with an old leather belt and some old string that I found

That was quite a big project, but I enjoyed it.I think I've found something else that is going to cost time and money!!!!


Karen said...

Wow Sue, this turned out fantastic. I like how it all came together all the elements work so well together. Mine is still to be bound, still trying to work out the best way to do it. Keep looking and putting it down again, must get it done though Dads birthday is fast

Kathy Ethington said...

I just love your book, especially the three little doors. Most of the time you don't see such wonderful items inside. I love how you used the metal works, and the bicycle chain. It's really a great project. Glad you posted all the pages.