Sunday, 25 September 2011

Online Painting Course

It was my birthday last week and I decided to use the money that my sister kindly sent me to do an online painting course from The Land Of Lost Luggage network.A friend had done it and recomended it (thanks Svetlana)so I thought "why not"....I'll just add ANOTHER arty thing to do!
So I began this weekend, after collecting all the required equipment (I had a few so it wasn't too expensive lol!) and I managed to create the first painting which was about layering and blending.I hope it's OK I've yet to "hand it in". Ive also just read that there will be an exam after the next one!!...what have I let myself in for!!
See what you think so far

It was great to begin with my fav. colours.I didn't realise how hard & time consuming it was to blend the colours together without leaving any harsh lines between the different shades!....I'll just have to practice.

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