Friday, 28 October 2011

Too Long!

Hi Everyone.... that's if anyone is still following!
I think my mojo is back.... it's been on long service leave! I was begining to think I'd been totally abandoned.
I'm going to start with showing you the next instalment of  my painting course.

We are working with a limited range of colours but I love the mix of the blues & rusty shades....this won't suprise anyone who knows me! It was time to add some dimension & texture using a heavy gel medium which takes 24 hrs to dry.... very frustrating as all you want to do is keep going!

 When I'd finished this one I thought I'd try a venture of my own( getting quite daring!!)
I know we're heading into our summer but I wanted to do something a bit wintery....sorry you guys in good old Blighty as it's coming into Winter there!!

I'm quite pleased withis one!
Anyway I'm off to do Sunday Stampers now before it closes.

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